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A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy of All. - Michael LeBoeuf

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E-Max International provides localized value-added services to customers world-wide. Simply stated, we bridge online continents of customers under a local and familiar platform. We call it delivering– Micro- Services. There is a balance that needs to exist when delivering globally intended products to regional, local markets; some adaptation and local differentiation needs to exist. Local responsiveness is also key, creating opportunities for users and knowledge experts to interact in real-time without the loss of service-value interpretation.
Our customers span four continents and our delivery extends to over 12 regions with distinct languages and local customs. All of them have one common element – understanding and navigating the requirements for travel to the United States.

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to empower consumers with access to current and relevant information and combine that with access to the best people with expert knowledge that love what they do. We live in the Information Age. Information is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. It is overwhelming. Anyone can publish information. We’d like to think that we are contributing to the next age – The Age of Empowerment. By allowing our customers access to the most up to date and relevant information and the most qualified people – we empower our customers to make decisions faster and with less hassle. Our strategy is to continue to set higher standards and levels of service for customers traveling to the USA. Our expertise is of value ; by offering timely and more complete information to customers and using technology for unparalleled local/ on-time support.

E-Max Gives

E-Max International is committed to giving back to its local and global communities. By focusing our philanthropic efforts on important issues affecting the next generation – we can make a difference through purposeful investments. E-Max International and its employees support long-term innovative partnerships and programs that align with our Mission – creating value in the community and empowering people. These include improving and contributing to learning initiatives, workforce and skills development, sustainable environmental projects, and support of military and veteran communities.

Be The Change

Constant Development is the law of life.

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Giving Areas


In the Information Age – access to education unlocks limitless potential for children, young adults, women and transitioning adults. We’re proud to support a diverse portfolio of community-based education programs that help to transition underprivileged or marginalized groups into our next contributing workforce.

Increase student achievement in underrepresented programs Support post-secondary or technical school programs that attract and retain students Drive equity and access to education for high potential groups in communities

We are all connected. This is ever so clear in the information age. We believe that by fostering community activism we contribute to a world-wide economy. Our efforts focus on civic and human needs in the community while promoting healthy lifestyles, major and cultural arts that promote access to underserved students and communities, and disaster relief efforts.

Support economic development initiatives and increase access to the arts Prepare underserved groups for success through sustainable programs Provide global humanitarian aid

The most important resource alongside access to Education is our environment. E-Max International prioritizes programs that protect threatened eco-systems vital for communities, contribute to human health and promote conservation education. We believe our efforts today contribute to the next-generations tomorrow.

Sustain ecosystems and livelihoods Advance conservation and environmental education